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Publish Date: 05 February 2024

Constitutional Council advances election vetting

The spokesperson for the Constitutional Council announced that the names of 1,000 candidates approved by the Constitutional Council have been officially transmitted to the Interior Ministry.

Constitutional Council advances election vetting

The Constitutional Council has taken a significant step by forwarding the names of 1,000 qualified candidates to the Interior Ministry, marking progress in the meticulous examination of potential candidates.

This information was confirmed by the spokesperson for the Constitutional Council, Hadi Tahan Nazif, who highlighted that the final list of approved candidates is slated for public announcement on February 8.

Tahan Nazif underscored the adherence to a legal framework that outlines a comprehensive three-stage process for scrutinizing candidates' qualifications. These stages include evaluation by executive boards, supervisory boards, and, finally, the Constitutional Council itself.

As of January 10, the Constitutional Council has initiated the examination of qualifications, with a focus on addressing objections raised by candidates who did not pass the previous stage involving monitoring boards. 

Tahan Nazif emphasized that, in accordance with the law, the Constitutional Council is actively engaging in this critical evaluation process.

In instances where doubts arise during the scrutiny of candidates' files, the Constitutional Council members are empowered to call or invite the candidates for a more thorough examination. This process allows candidates to present additional documents, evidence, and defenses, ultimately leading to a well-informed final decision.

The spokesperson for the Constitutional Council revealed that, thus far, more than 1,000 candidates have successfully passed the qualification phase. This announcement underscores the ongoing commitment of the Constitutional Council to ensuring a transparent and rigorous selection process for qualified candidates.

In early January, Tahan Nazif announced the approval of 11,000 parliamentary candidates to run in the upcoming late winter elections. 

“The final list of approved candidates has been sent to the Ministry of Interior for distribution to the provinces and individuals involved in the election process,” Hadi Tahan Nazif said.

He stated that the Council thoroughly reviewed over 1.75 million applications, out of which over 21,000 individuals were deemed eligible to register.

He added that after careful scrutiny of their qualifications, approximately 11,000 candidates were approved, marking a significant increase compared to previous parliamentary elections.

Tahan Nazif highlighted Iran's unique electoral landscape, where a high number of candidates typically vie for each parliamentary seat. He noted that for each open seat, an average of 38 candidates will be competing.

Referring to the diverse backgrounds and expertise represented among the approved candidates, Tahan Nazif pointed out that the pool includes over 800 university professors, more than 150 doctors and medical professionals, 1,300 individuals with a background in culture and arts, and over 200 lawyers and judges.

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