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Tuesday 2023 August 15 - 09:09
Monday 2023 August 07 - 10:11
12 Guardians of Sharia and Law

12 Guardians of Sharia and Law

On a hot June at morning time, we arrived at the entrance gate and waited for necessary arrangements for our entry. Several guards guide and inspect visitors.
Tuesday 2023 July 18 - 16:20
Tuesday 2023 July 18 - 15:57
Sunday 2023 July 02 - 10:00
Unilateralism and regulatory policy

Unilateralism and regulatory policy

International law is the result of multilateralism and the functioning of international governmental organizations. Over the past decades, international decisions, to some extent, have been reflections of unilateral mechanisms developed and endorsed by certain world powers outside the framework of international law. Such mechanisms continue to permeate basic pillars of international law, imposing the will of the world’s major powers on many international subjects.
Sunday 2023 June 18 - 11:42
Sunday 2023 May 21 - 11:09
Sunday 2023 May 21 - 10:17
Spokesman visits 34th Tehran Intl. Book Fair

Spokesman visits 34th Tehran Intl. Book Fair

Hadi Tahan-Nazif, the spokesman of the Constitutional Council, on May 17 paid a visit to the 34th edition of the Tehran International Book Fair. The cultural event wrapped up on Saturday. It opened in the Iranian capital on May 10 with publishers from Iran and 40 foreign countries in attendance.
Sunday 2023 May 21 - 09:38
Sunday 2023 May 14 - 16:39