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A great and glorious soldier

A great and glorious soldier

It was during the first days of 2011 that the flames of war were gradually rising in some of the cities of Syria, a country located in West Asia–the eastern bank of the Mediterranean. In those days, a terrorist group found the ground prepared for them to cause havoc by ruthlessly attacking innocent people. ISIS–the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria–was a malicious, sinister tree that caused grave tragedies for the two countries of Syria and Iraq with the purpose of creating discord in the world of Islam. It wanted to pursue other sinister goals in the region as well after dominating these two countries, but its dream of forming a government based on terror and murder turned into a dark nightmare not so long later.
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Iran Commemorates Constitution Day

Iran Commemorates Constitution Day

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran was adopted by referendum on December 2 and 3 1979, and went into force replacing the Constitution of 1906.
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