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Publish Date: 18 March 2024

Constitutional Council confirms 52 Parliamentary Constituencies

Hadi Tahan Nazif, the spokesperson for the Constitutional Council, has announced that the cases of 52 parliamentary constituencies from 11 provinces have undergone scrutiny and have been officially confirmed.

Constitutional Council confirms 52 Parliamentary Constituencies

Addressing reporters in a press conference held on Saturday, Tahan Nazif extended congratulations on the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan. He further highlighted the approval of the bill aimed at organizing and monitoring border trade by the Constitutional Council, incorporating amendments proposed by the parliament, Tehran Times reported.

Tahan Nazif elaborated on the resolution concerning the organization of government employees by the Constitutional Council. He acknowledged the objections raised by both the Constitutional Council and the Supervisory Board in earlier stages, emphasizing their concerns regarding compliance with Sharia law and constitutional principles. While stating that the resolution has been addressed, he acknowledged that deficiencies within the board persist, as outlined in correspondence received from the Supervisory Board.

Regarding the reported election violations, Tahan Nazif asserted that the March 1 elections were conducted with utmost integrity and transparency. While acknowledging receipt of reports alleging violations, he indicated that some lacked sufficient documentation for further investigation. 

Discussing plans for electronic voting, Tahan Nazif expressed the council's intention to expand electronic voting to additional areas pending favorable conditions and coordination with relevant authorities. He specifically mentioned efforts to implement electronic voting for the Tehran constituency.

Responding to inquiries about the impact of candidate diversity on voter turnout, Tahan Nazif emphasized the importance of varied political representation in encouraging participation. He acknowledged that turnout is influenced by multiple factors beyond candidate diversity.

Addressing the guidance provided by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to elected parliamentarians, Tahan Nazif reiterated Ayatollah Khamenei's assertion that public participation is a form of jihad. He emphasized the responsibility of elected officials to fulfill their promises and act as representatives of all citizens.

Regarding allegations of election irregularities, Tahan Nazif reaffirmed the Constitutional Council's role in verifying the accuracy of elections, emphasizing the Ministry of Interior's administrative authority in the process. 

"Measures are being taken to investigate reported violations, particularly concerning the validity of voting documents," he said.

Tahan Nazif also discussed the Constitutional Council's objections to transparency initiatives, particularly concerning exceptions outlined in the plan. He underscored the council's concerns regarding the mechanism for identifying these exceptions.

Providing an update on the Chastity and Hijab bill, Tahan Nazif noted that the council is currently reviewing the latest resolution received from the parliament.

Addressing efforts to streamline the election process, Tahan Nazif emphasized ongoing initiatives to improve accessibility and efficiency for voters. He urged consideration for future electoral periods and the implementation of measures to facilitate voting.

In conclusion, Tahan Nazif highlighted the significant volume of legislation reviewed by the Constitutional Council during the current Persian year. He outlined the number of resolutions received from the parliament and the government, detailing the approval process and any objections raised by the Constitutional Council.


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