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Publish Date: 05 March 2024

Vote counting ends in Iran elections

Vote count for Iran’s 290-seat parliament and the Assembly of Experts ended on Monday, three days after the elections, with the winners of 45 seats to be elected in the runoff polls.

In all provinces across the country, including the capital Tehran, the principlists garnered the largest number of the votes after disillusioned reformists shunned the polls.

Extreme-right leaning figures mostly belonging to the Perseverance Front Party, like Seyed Mamhoud Nabavian, Amir Hossein Sabeti, and Hamid Rasayei topped the final list, each getting around 500 thousands votes.

Incumbent parliament speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, who led the charts in the previous round of elections with over 1.26 million votes, emerged fourth on the list with mere 440 thousand votes.

Over 15,000 candidates were vying for the parliament seats, while 144 candidates ran for the 88-member Assembly of Experts that oversees the performance of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

More than 61 million people, out of the country’s 87-million strong population, were eligible to vote in the elections held on Friday.

Five of the candidates represent religious minorities namely Jews, Assyrians, Zoroastrians, and Armenians. The lawmakers are elected for a 4-year term, with no limitation for the incumbent or former parliamentarians to run again.

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