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Publish Date: 01 March 2024

Elections in Iran are manifestation of 'religious democracy', spokesman says

Constitutional Council's spokesman Hadi Tahan Nazif described the March 1 elections as a manifestation of "religious democracy" in the Islamic Republic.

Spokesman calls elections manifestation of religious democracy in Iran

"Today- the Election Day- is the day of which marks religious democracy in Iran," Tahan Nazif told reporters in Tehran on Friday as Iranians have headed to polls to vote in the country's parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections.

The polls opened across Iran at 8 a.m. local time (0430) on Friday with more than 61 million people eligible to vote across the country.

He added, "The Election Day means that people can exercise their right to self-determination. The great people of Iran have used this right in the past 45 years, and will disappoint the enemies with their strong turnout."

Voters are taking part in the parliamentary elections to choose 290 members of the legislative body from over 15,000 candidates. Elected members will serve for a term of four years in the parliament.

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