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Publish Date: 01 April 2023
The spokesman of the Constitutional Council described the 12th of Farvardin (April 1) 1979, the Islamic Republic Day, as the “birthday of religious democracy”.

Spokesman terms 12th of Farvardin ‘birthday of religious democracy’

“On the 12th of Farvardin 1979, an order was born that refuted arrogant powers and established religious democracy for the first time ever. In fact, we can call the 12th of Farvardin birthdate of religious democracy despite other numerous achievements of the Islamic Revolution,” Hadi Tahan-Nazif wrote in a piece published on Saturday.

He added that religious democracy, in words of the Leader [Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei], was a divine gift that was awarded to the Iranian nation by late founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini.

“The great Imam provided the world with a form of government featuring two qualities of being both divine and popular which -contrary to fictitious forms- has portrayed a true manifestation of human reverence in the divine system of government”.

“Imam Khomeini described April 1 as ‘the first day of Allah's rule’ and believed that with the approval of the Constitution by the nation's trustees, the next step of the Iranian nation would be taken to implement the Law of Islam in all segments of the country”.

In a landmark two-day referendum held on March 30-31, 1979, more than 98.2 percent of eligible Iranians voted “yes” to the establishment of an Islamic Republic in the country. The vote, which was held less than two months after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, is considered a turning point in the modern history of Iran. Since then, the nation annually celebrates Farvardin 12 (April 1) on the Iranian calendar as the Islamic Republic Day.


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