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Publish Date: 25 July 2022

Intl. webinar to discuss Iran’s legal system

Iran’s Constitutional Council Research Center has plans underway to hold an international webinar on the country’s legal system via video links.

Titled “Constitutional Council Review in Iran’s legal System”, the webinar is set to be held on August 3 at 13:30 GMT.

Mahdi Ebrahim, the host and the speaker of the function, is a legal expert specializing both in comparative constitutional law as well as public law.

Below: please see the registration link:

Intl. webinar to discuss Iran’s legal system

The Constitutional Council Research Institute was established in 2000. It serves as an interdisciplinary law center and is working as a research center under the auspices of the Constitutional Council.

Research and other activities of the Institute have been supported by prestigious law faculties across the country. In addition, the Institute organizes conferences, symposia, and forums on the topic of constitutional and public law as part of its continued efforts to promote the rule of law and Constitutional values, principles and rights.

The research center is primarily tasked with doing research and explaining the Council’s arguments, supporting its points of view about parliamentary decisions and other resolutions. The institute provides the Council with legal approaches to the challenges it may face. By expanding on the Constitution’s articles, the research center helps improve the work of the Council and its efficiency.

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