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Publish Date: 12 May 2022
The spokesperson for Iran’s Constitutional Council strongly condemned the targeted killing of Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian journalist, by Israeli regime forces in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday.

Targeted killing of Palestinian journalist against intl. humanitarian law: Spokesman

According to the international regulations and humanitarian law, warring parties are bound to differentiate between the civilians and combatants, Hadi Tahan-Nazif said in a tweet early on Thursday.

He added that the “targeted killing of journalists is prohibited under the international law and warring parties are committed to protecting them”.

“The tragic killing of the Palestinian reporter by the Zionist regime is against the international humanitarian law and violates international laws and regulations,” the spokesman went on to add.

Abu Akleh was wearing a press vest and standing with other journalists when she was targeted, her colleagues said.

Al-Samoudi and other journalists who witnessed the cold-blooded murder said there were no Palestinian fighters present when the journalists were shot, dismissing the Israeli regime’s claim about the possibility that it was Palestinian fire.

Abu Akleh’s killing has drawn widespread condemnation from governments, human rights watchdogs, media advocacy groups, and resistance movements across the world.

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