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Publish Date: 17 October 2021
The Constitutional Council held a meeting on July 20, 1994 during which board members reached a unanimous interpretive opinion about Article 35 of the Constitution.

No. 6617

Date: July 20, 1993


Dear Parliament,

With reference to your inquiry letter no. 6-22144 dated July 13, 1994 [regarding Article 35 of the Constitution], the issue was raised and reviewed during an official meeting of the Guardian Council on July 20, 1994 and our comments are as follows: As Art. 35 of the Constitution does not negate the right to select an attorney in administrative courts thus this article is not a subject to interpretation, and the Guardian Council is not the authority for interpretation of ordinary laws.

Ahmad Alizadeh

Secretary of Guardian Council


*Article 35: Both parties to a lawsuit have the right in all courts of law to select an attorney, and if they are unable to do so, arrangements must be made to provide them with legal counsel.

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