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Publish Date: 17 May 2021
The deputy secretary of the Constitutional Council categorically dismissed the notion of categorization of presidential candidates on the basis of political leanings, stressing that the Council only considers the regulations in auditing the applicants who have registered to run in the 13th presidential election.

Applicants meeting legal requirements to be qualified by Constitutional Council: Official

Speaking at a televised interview on Sunday, May 16, Siamak Rahpeik made it clear that only the presidential hopefuls meeting the legal requirements will be qualified by the Constitutional Council for the upcoming presidential election.

He also roundly dismissed any speculation that the number of final candidates or the political leanings of the applicants may be taken into account in the vetting process.

Rahpeik explained that after the registration process, the Constitutional Council creates a file for every applicant whose registration has been legally certified, and would begin receiving reports and information from various organizations and bodies about the individuals.

“The Constitutional Council would be given a series of information by various references about the candidates, and we will evaluate the qualifications on the basis of the legal principles and conditions. Nowhere in the law is any subject about the political leaning (of applicants) or a required number (of candidates) etc.,” Rahpeik underscored.

He explained that the Constitutional Council will later assess whether an applicant complies with the requirements specified by the law to carry out the vetting process.

The deputy secretary said a total of 592 applicants have submitted their documents to the Ministry of Interior during the registration period, noting that a valid registration should conform with the new criteria specified in the new measure ratified by the Constitutional Council.

When asked if the Council will conclude the vetting process within the time span of five days without the period being extended, Rahpeik said it will depend on the records of the applicants and the conditions relating to the vetting process.

The Constitutional Council will ultimately express its views on the qualified candidates within 10 days at the most, he noted.

Campaigning for the 13th presidential election in Iran will begin two weeks before the vote.

Slated for June 18, the presidential election will be held simultaneously with council and midterm parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections.

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