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Publish Date: 20 November 2021
The Constitutional Council’s spokesman Hadi Tahran-Nazif said the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran attaches great importance to family formation and family values.

Iran Constitution attaches great significance to family formation: Spokesman

Addressing a regular press briefing on Wednesday in Tehran, Tahan-Nazif said that Article 10 of the Constitution states that since the family is the fundamental unit of Islamic society, all laws, regulations, and pertinent programs must tend to facilitate the formation of a family, and to safeguard its sanctity and the stability of family relations on the basis of the law and the ethics of Islam.

This shows that the Constitution attaches significance to family-related issues, he stressed.  

The Guardian Council recently approved the “Rejuvenation of the Population and Support of the Family” bill. On November 16, Iranian President Ebraihm Raisi signed it into law.

The spokesman further expressed hope that the new legislation would help boost family bond and turn it into an issue with critical priority within the society.  

The new law aims to allow women to play their roles as mothers while not hindering their political and social growth, and other aspects of their personality.

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